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Commercial HVAC Services in Boise, Nampa & the Treasure Valley

Your commercial HVAC system has a big job to do. From helping your employees and equipment stay cool to making a good impression on your customers, you need a dependable HVAC system for your commercial spaces.

Boise Valley Heating & Air works with commercial customers to install, maintain, repair and upgrade their HVAC systems. Whether you need us for heating, air conditioning, ductwork or refrigeration solutions, you can trust our experienced team and industry-leading products.

We are proud to be a locally owned business and to be factory certified with American Standard.

American Standard Award

Energy-Efficient Solutions for Your Commercial Property

Our team can assist you with the following commercial HVAC needs in the Treasure Valley area.

Commercial Refrigeration

When you have an area you need to keep refrigerated at all times, reliable cooling is paramount. Boise Valley Heating & Air provides commercial refrigeration equipment and installation, maintenance and repair services to keep your refrigerated areas at the proper temperature at all times.

Commercial AC Unit

Whether you need a brand-new commercial AC system for a new construction property or you simply need maintenance and repairs for your existing system, we can help. We offer a variety of equipment when it’s time to upgrade your unit and provide maintenance and emergency repair services to keep your commercial spaces cool.

Commercial Heating

Let us help you design and install the best commercial heating system for your property. We deliver commercial heating systems based on your specific needs and comfort requirements, so we can customize heat pumps, furnaces, boilers and other systems for your commercial space.

Commercial Ductwork

Boise Valley Heating & Air works with commercial customers to craft ductwork specific to their needs. We also provide professional ductwork cleaning to reduce debris and enhance both the efficiency of your commercial HVAC system as well as your indoor air quality. We can also repair ductwork as needed.

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