Residential HVAC Services in Meridian, ID & the Treasure Valley

Residential HVAC Repair, Installation &

Maintenance in Boise, Nampa & the Treasure Valley

The residential HVAC contractors at Boise Valley Heating & Air are experts in efficient home heating and cooling systems and can handle the smallest and largest of installations and repairs.

New HVAC Installation & Maintenance

Whether you need a complete HVAC system installed in a newly constructed home or it’s time to replace a furnace or AC unit that is no longer functioning correctly, our residential HVAC contractors can help! Once the equipment is installed, we recommend regular maintenance checks that will help your new furnace last by performing routine cleaning and repairing minor problems as they arise.

Emergency Home AC & Heating Repair

We understand how uncomfortable it can be when it’s hot outside, and your home air conditioner needs repair, or it’s a freezing winter day, and your heating system has failed. Our residential HVAC contractors are skilled at residential HVAC installation, maintenance, and inspection and can repair any make and model, working quickly and efficiently.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems & Heat Pumps

Ductless systems are a perfect solution for homes that don’t have a central heating and cooling system, or for an added space that doesn’t connect to a home’s existing ductwork. We are skilled in both heat pump and mini-split system installation and service.

Smart Thermostat Installation

Smart thermostats are a fabulous way to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system! These tools can be quickly installed by our residential HVAC contractors to give you complete control over your heating and cooling system. You can control each area individually or allow the smart thermostat to learn your habits and mimic them automatically. Whatever way you choose to program it, your smart thermostat will provide both energy and cost savings that you will notice immediately!

Both the Nest® thermostat and the Ecobee® thermostat are adjusted by an app on your phone so no matter where you are, you can control the temperature of your home. You can also control them through voice command on Amazon Echo or Google Home. This simplicity makes them easy and worthwhile to use, especially since users usually save 10-15% on their energy bills. Some local energy companies are even offering rebates on smart thermostats!

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